What is a pricing/ date gun?

Pricing/date guns are manually operated, mechanical tools that print and dispense labels. Pricing/date guns can be used to label goods with a wide range of information, quickly and easily.


For what purposes are pricing/date guns suitable?

Pricing/date guns are used for effective and legally binding communication with customers at the product level. They enable you to communicate prices, expiry dates and other mandatory information quickly and easily on your product by means of printed labels. These contribute to effective customer communication.

Areas of application fields include:

  • Article number
  • Use-by date
  • Letters
  • Code
  • Date (eg 24/05/2023 or 24 May 23)
  • Egg marking
  • Company name
  • Company printing
  • Weight information
  • Sizes
  • Large print
  • Unit prices
  • Best before dates
  • Year dates
  • Quantities
  • Numbers (e.g. Batch, Charge, Lot)
  • Deposits
  • Mandatory information in accordance with the Food Information Regulation (FIR) and HACCP
  • Prices
  • Price reductions
  • Discounts
  • Slogans
  • Textile labeling
  • Currencies
  • Advertising & promotions


What are the advantages of pricing/date gun?

  • Efficient identification and labeling at product level
  • Fast and straightforward
  • Light and robust
  • Ergonomic for fatigue-proof working
  • Requires little effort owing to the optimum design of lever travels
  • Clearly legible print images
  • Fast and easy label roll changing
  • Fast and clean ink roll changing
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Warranty and support at all times


In what way do pricing/date guns differ?

Pricing/date guns are available in a wide range of standard variants.

A basic distinction is drawn between pricing/date guns according to their area of application. The area of application in turn determines the final label size and the number of lines and digits printed by the gun.

Our Product Finder enables you to find the best gun for your application. Use filters to select your application area and you will be offered a selection of the most suitable pricing guns along with the suitable label.


What do I need to consider when purchasing a pricing/date gun?

Any pricing/date gun should be durable and robust. Another requirement is that a gun must be both easy for the user to use and ergonomic in its application. Besides the quality of its workmanship, a gun should be ideally suited to the intended area of application. An ideal, certified combination of the pricing/date gun itself, suitable labels and a high-quality ink roll yield a perfect print image.

Use our Product Finder to find the best gun for your application. Use filters to select your application area and you will be offered a selection of the most suitable pricing/date guns.


How does a price/label gun print a label?

Depressing the trigger causes the print ribbon/stamp to be guided over a roller-shaped stamp pad and moistened with black ink. In the same step, the stamp is pressed onto a label, producing the impression/print image. Owing to the carefully engineered lever action in the tool, very little force is required to operate the pricing gun.

When the trigger is released, the printed label is ejected from the front of the gun on a dispensing lip. The label roll inside the tool is automatically indexed, placing the next label in exactly the right position for the next print operation.


How do I set up the print characters I need?

Individual print points can be set to the desired value by means of an adjusting knob on the printhead: simply move the slider to the position to be changed, then turn the wheel until the desired value appears in the viewing window of the printhead. Each individual digit can be adjusted in this way. Blank values can also be selected for positions on the label that are to remain unprinted. Finally, move the slider back to its initial position. The print ribbon/stamp is now set to the desired print image.


Can I change the characters on my gun to meet my requirements?

Yes, if you have a METO gun, we can change the characters to suit your needs on your gun. We can change alphabet to numeric, or numeric to alphabet depending on what your business requires. Please contact us to discuss exactly what you require. We also may have other guns that could meet your requirements.


Are instructions available for changing the labels or ink rolls?

Instructions on how to load labels and change the ink rollers are sent when you purchase a gun.


Where can I purchase labels suitable for my gun?

Use our Product Finder to find labels suitable for your pricing gun.


Where can I purchase ink rollers suitable for my gun?

Use our Product Finder to find ink rollers suitable for your pricing gun.