Tagging Gun Needles

Tagging guns are an integral part of the retail industry as they allow store owners to quickly and efficiently tag and label their products with prices and other important information. However, what many people overlook is the importance of tagging gun needles. A tagging gun needle is a tiny metal piece with a sharp end that attaches tags or labels onto clothing or other products. The needle is the essential part of the tagging gun as it punctures through the fabric of the clothing or accessory as it attaches to the branding label.

Standard tagging gun needles are the most common type in the market and work well with most fabrics. 

Tagging gun needles should be replaced regularly to ensure they are sharp and in good condition. To replace the needle, remove the old needle from the tagging gun by flipping the release button, then insert the new needle into the needle slot. The needle should be inserted straight down, ensuring it clicks into place.

Tagging gun needles are sharp and can cause injuries to the user. Handle the needle with care to avoid pricking yourself or others. Should you happen to accidentally drop the tagging gun, it's advisable to replace the needle, as a bent needle can lead to tagging issues.

Meto Needles Std 5 pack

Meto Needles Std 5 pack

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