Queuing Systems

Turnomatic Queue Management System

Retail Solutions to ensure that customers remain satisfied and happy in the knowledge that they are being served in their turn include the Checkpoint Meto TURN-O-MATIC Queue Management System with Meto Queuing Tickets which sequentially advises customers that they are next in line to be served and the Cater Call system for the hospitality industry which allows businesses to key in specified numbers as meals or drinks are ready to be served to their customers.

For quality, world renowned systems choose Checkpoint Meto Turnomatic Queue Management and Catercall Queuing Systems

Turn-o-matic Queuing Management System

MetoTurnomatic Queuing Tickets "take a ticket" rolls available to suit the T80 and M90 models are available in a variety of colours.

A range of spare parts is available for both the T80 and M90 models

Meto Catercall Queuing System

The Meto Catercall Queuing System is a queueing system designed for canteens, restaurants and the hospitality industry. Catercall bridges the gap between a self-serve canteen and an a-la-carte restaurant.

"CaterCall minimises time spent waiting to order food and helps speed delivery time to the customer." The CaterCall system allows you to allocate a number to a customer and then when the food is ready you simply key the number of the meal that is ready onto the small keyboard provided, the number is displayed on the LED panel in large bright numbers and a chime sounds to alert the customer to collect their meal.

The CaterCall Starter Pack system can be installed by any 'handy' person as it simply requires a power point close to where the controller is placed and a power point near the display. It is therefore a system that does not require an electrician to install if the power points are already available.

M90 Turnomatic Starter Pack includes

»  1 x 2 Digit Screen 

»  1 x Receiver Unit 

»  1 x Power Supply 

»  1 x Ticket Dispenser 

»  2 x Remote Controls 

»  6 x Rolls of Deluxe Tickets (4,000 per roll)


Additional Tickets 

T80 Model Tickets  - 

  • 3,000 tickets per roll 
  • 6 rolls per box 

 M90 Model Tickets -

  • 4,000 tickets per roll 
  • 6 rolls per box 


Meto Catercall features include: 

»  Easy to read digital display

»  Large and bright LED display

»  Fully programmable controller

»  Easy to operate control panel

»  Connect additional screens for maximum visibility


CaterCall Queuing System Starter Pack includes:

»  1 x 2 digit screen 

»  1 x controller; 2 x power supplies; 1 x cable kit 

»  Queuing tickets 

»  Queuing ticket dispenser