Labels & Ink Roller FAQs

How do I replace the label roll in my pricing/date gun?

The instructions for use for your particular pricing gun can be found in the instructions when gun was purchased or alternatively contact us and we can guide you through this process.

Where can I purchase labels suitable for my gun?

Use our Product Finder to find labels suitable for your pricing gun.

The gun no longer indexes the labels, what should I do?

  1. First ensure that you are using the correct label size in your gun.
  2. Secondly, make sure that the labels are inserted correctly. Consult the instructions leaflet for use for your particular gun.
  3. If your gun still does not work, please contact us here

Are the labels suitable for freezer applications?

No, not all labels are suitable for the freezer. Only our labels marked with freezer grade  are suitable for freezer application.

Are the labels suitable for outdoor use?

No, Labels are not usually suitable for outdoor use. Labels and ink rollers specially intended for this purpose, which are UV-resistant and weatherproof/waterproof, are however also available.

Are the labels suitable for textile use?

No. Special labels for textiles, which possess special adhesive properties and can be removed from textiles without leaving any residue, are required for this purpose.

Are the labels removable?

No, not all labels are removable. You will need to order removable labels if required for this purpose.

What are tamper-proof labels?

Tamper-proof labels are best suited to any organisation where there is a risk of customers who are motivated to switch a price or date label. When trying to remove a tamper-proof label, the label comes off in parts and not as a whole like other labels. They can be ideal for retailers, the food industry, $2 shops, op shops, any retail business in the budget market or any organisation that needs to maintain the integrity of their labeling systems.

How do I replace the ink roller in my gun?

The instructions for use for your particular gun can be found with the instructions when your gun was purchased or alternatively contact us and we can guide you through this process.

Is my ink roller inter-changeable with other guns?

No, ink rollers are NOT interchangeable. When you purchase a pricing/date gun. The correct ink roller will be loaded in the gun. When you need to replace the ink roller, you will require the correct ink roller. We will be able to let you know the correct one to order. Contact us for further assistance. With every box of labels you purchase through Gleeson Agencies, you receive one free ink roller!

How many labels can I print on average with one ink roller?

On average, a single ink roller can print up to 30,000 labels. We recommend changing your ink roller, every time you go through a full box of our labels.

Do ink rollers deteriorate whilst still in there packaging?

Yes, ink rollers normally have a shelf life of approximately 2 years. They last longer if stored in the fridge whilst in the packaging.

How do I make my packaged ink roller last longer?

The best way to make the ink roller last longer is to store it in the fridge.

Does the ink fade in strong sunlight?

Standard labels are optimised for indoor use, the best labels for use outdoors are weatherproof labels. We offer special label/ink roller combinations for permanent applications in outdoor areas exposed to intense sunlight (such as garden centers). Please contact us here

How should ink rollers be disposed of: are they hazardous waste?

Used ink rollers contain no harmful substances and may therefore be disposed of together with normal residual waste.

I have dirtied my hands with ink while changing ink rolls. Is this dangerous, and how do I wash my hands?

Genuine ink rollers contain no harmful substances, and therefore present no danger should they come into contact with the skin.

Should you get ink on your skin, the best way to remove it is with household dish-washing agent or alcohol-based cleaning agents.

How can I create and order custom labels with my logo?

We would be pleased to produce custom labels on request, pre-printed for example with your company logo or company details.