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Exploring the Versatile Applications of Price, Date, and Coding Guns Across Different Industries

Choosing the right Label Gun for your Industry

Label guns play a crucial role in improving efficiency, streamlining operations, and managing inventory and pricing accurately in many industries. To boost your business productivity, it's vital to select the appropriate label gun for your particular industry. Our guide offers information on the perfect setup for various industries, including eCommerce, Food & Beverage, and Hospitality & Retail.

Why would you need to use a Label Gun in the Food & Beverage Industry?

Label guns are essential tools in the food and beverage industry for efficient inventory management, pricing accuracy, and ensuring product safety. Used primarily to print Packed On, Best Before and Use By dates. It can also be necessary to print batch numbers to ensure safety and inform customers about the product's freshness. Additionally, it's advisable to use freezer-grade labels to ensure they stick to the product even in frozen temperatures.

1. Jolly Date Gun - Cheapest Single Line Date Gun

Jolly Date Gun

If you work in the food and beverage industry and need to keep track of important information, you might want to check out The Jolly Date Gun. This tool is sturdy, inexpensive, and has eight bands that allow you to label products with easy-to-read information like "23JAN23". It works with 21x12mm labels, which makes it simple to organise your products. Despite its low price, this date gun is highly dependable.

2. 718 Meto Date Gun - Affordable Single Line date Gun With Replaceable Parts

Meto 718 Date Gun

The 718 Meto Date Gun is a great choice for those in the food and beverage industry who need a single-line date gun. It has seven character bands (such as 23JAN23) and takes 18x11mm Meto labels. All parts are replaceable, so you won't have to buy a whole new product if any parts wear out over time. 

3. Open C20 Gun for 26x16mm Rectangular labels Best Two-Line Price Marker And Date Coder

Open C20 Gun

The Open C20 Gun is a tool for printing price and date information on rectangular labels that measure 26x16mm. It has two lines for printing, with the top line able to display 10 characters at 3mm in size, and the bottom line able to display another 10 characters at 4.5mm in height. This gun is useful for the food and beverage industry, and the rectangular labels are available in various versions to accommodate all necessary product information.

Why would you need to use a label gun in an eCommerce Business?

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, having a reliable label gun is crucial for effectively managing inventory, pricing products, and fulfilling orders. Consider using a two-line price gun that can also display additional information such as dates, codes, discounts or SKU numbers.

1. 29x28mm Meto labels with the 3329 Meto Advanced Hand Labelling Tool - 3 lines x 11 bands (33 bands) Gun

Meto 3329 Advanced Hand Labelling Tool

Make your eCommerce labelling process more efficient with the 29x28 Labels using 3329 Meto Advanced Hand Labelling Tool. With this tool, you can print up to 11 bands on each of its three lines, making it easy to label prices, dates, batch numbers, and product codes. The 29x28mm labels are also compatible with the 1829 Tool, which has 2 lines of print and an extra large print on the bottom line. 

2. 2026 Meto RedStar Full Alphabet Price Gun/ Date Gun - Great Value Label Gun With Full Alphabet Bands

Meto 2026 RedStar Full Alphabet

The 2026 Meto RedStar Full Alphabet Price Gun/ Date Gun is perfect for eCommerce businesses that use date coding or pricing for their products. It has 10 full alphabet bands (A - Z) on the top row and 10 numeric bands on the bottom row for easy assignment of prices or dates. The gun works with 26x16mm Meto labels that have curved edges and comes with a one-year warranty. Additionally, it has replaceable parts for long-lasting durability. 

Why would you need to use a label gun in the Hospitality Industry?

Label guns play a vital role in the hospitality industry for efficient inventory management, food safety compliance, and enhancing customer service. It is recommended to choose a label gun that is durable and easy to use, especially for labeling perishable items and organising stock rotation. Additionally, a label gun that can print customised messages such as "Allergy Alert" or "Gluten-Free" can improve customer service and enhance the guest experience. You may also consider using a gun that can print Day labels with a date on them.

1. Most affordable and productive Day Label system on the market.

Open P8 Date Gun

The Open P8 System is an affordable and ideal solution for putting a date label on the food you are preparing. Check out our Package Deals to get your hands on this great system that helps keep your food fresh and safe.

2. Meto Full Alphabet Tool 1522A - Fifteen Band Price Gun With Replaceable parts

Meto 1522A Full Alphabet Tool

If you work in the hospitality industry and need to label things, Meto Full Alphabet Tool 1522A is a great option. It has eight alphabet bands on the top line and seven numeric bands on the bottom line, so you can print on 22x16mm labels. Plus, if any parts break or wear out, you can replace them instead of having to buy a whole new tool. 

3. 2026A Meto Full Alphabet Price Gun & Date Gun - Affordable Twenty Band Price Gun

Meto 2026A Full Alphabet Price Gun

The 2026A Meto Full Alphabet Price Gun & Date Gun can simplify pricing and dating tasks in the hospitality industry. It has 10 alphabetic bands (A through Z) on the top row for labeling and 10 numeric bands on the bottom row for price or date labeling. This label gun is fully compatible with the 26x16mm Meto labels with curved edges. 

Why would you need to use a label gun in the Retail Industry?

Label guns are indispensable tools for managing prices, promotions, and inventory in the retail industry. A label gun with two or three lines would be useful because it can print more information on the label. Additionally, select a lightweight and ergonomically designed label gun that your staff can comfortably use all day long.

1. RedStar 1522 Pricemarker - Great Value 2-Line Price Gun Perfect For Coding Or Pricing

Meto RedStar 1522 Pricemarker

The RedStar 1522 Pricemarker is a professional two-line solution for pricing and coding in retail. It has eight bands on the top row and seven bands on the bottom row, accommodating 22x16mm Meto labels. The components are replaceable with original Meto parts to avoid costly replacements even with long-term use. It also comes with a one-year warranty for peace of mind. 

2. Jolly Price Gun - Cheapest Eight Bands Price Gun That Uses 21x12mm Labels

Jolly Price Gun

For those in the retail industry, it's recommended to use the Jolly Price gun single-line gun for pricing. This device has eight bands to print the price and is highly reliable. It also comes with a 1-year warranty, making it a great pricing solution for any retail business environment.

What's next?

If you need assistance in determining the ideal label gun for your specific requirements, please refer to our comprehensive Buyers Guide: Deciding which Price, Date, or Coding guns are suitable for your needs.