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Black 1522 Pricemarker Price Gun

Whether you’re a retailer or small business owner, pricing your items quickly and accurately is an essential part of running a successful operation. Price guns are an invaluable tool for marking individual items with accurate prices. But what type of price gun do you need? Here at Gleesons, we have a range of options available to suit your individual needs.

Date, Alphabet, Coding or Mixed? Our price guns come with coding, alphabet and date options. Coding is best for printing a series of numbers and letters that help identify products quickly. Alphabet is ideal for businesses wishing to label items with names

 or description. Finally, the mixed option allows you to print a combination of letters, numbers and symbols on each item.  If you require a customised band layouts, please contact us.

Character Limit? Depending on what kind of price gun you choose, the maximum number of characters per line can vary. Some price gun models are limited to 7 characters per line, while others can accommodate up to 11.

Low Cost Vs Better Quality? Our price gun selection includes models across a wide range of prices; however, budget-friendly options don’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. Whether you are looking for an economical solution or one with advanced features and precision engineering, our price guns are designed for accuracy, efficiency and durability.


Price Guns

Jolly Price Gun - Cheapest Single Line Price Gun

The Jolly Price Gun is a single line price gun that offers exceptional value for the cost-conscious consumer. Have peace of mind knowing that its 8 bands and 21x12mm labels offer top-notch quality, with replaceable ink rollers to ensure long lasting use in your business operations.

Jolly Price Gun

718 Meto Pricemarker - Affordable Single Line Price Gun With Replacement Parts

Enjoy reliable, durable labelling with a single-line 718 Meto Pricemarker! This high quality tool contains 7 character bands for 18x11mm labels and is built to last. Plus, it comes with replaceable parts so you can keep your operation running without interruption. The best part? A two year warranty has you covered should any unexpected issues arise.

Meto 718 Pricemarker

Meto 1522 Price Marker - Best Two Line Price Gun That Uses Meto Labels

The Meto 1522 Price Marker is a two-line price marker that is designed to meet your labelling needs with its 8 bands on the top row and 7 on the bottom. All parts for the Meto gun are replaceable so you can easily repair or upgrade as needed - plus enjoy a 2 year warranty for added peace of mind!

Meto 1522 Price Marker

RedStar 1522 Pricemarker - Cheapest Price Gun Perfect For Coding Or Pricing

With eight bands of numbers on the top row and seven on the bottom, this two-line RedStar 1522 Pricemarker is perfect for coding or pricing with Meto 22x16mm labels. Even better: all its parts are replaceable so you don't need to buy a whole new gun if something breaks or wears out over time and it comes with a one year warranty as standard!

Meto RedStar 1522 Pricemarker

2026 Meto RedStar Full Alphabet Price Gun/ Date Gun - Best Price Gun With Full Alpha Bands

2026 Meto RedStar Full Alphabet Price Gun/ Date Gun is more than just a tool. It can also be used for date coding! It boasts 10 full alpha bands (A-Z) on the top row, as well as 10 numeric bands located in the bottom which you have the freedom to use however you wish. The gun uses 26x16mm labels with curved edges. All parts are available and are replaceable if any component should break or wear out over time. Plus, it comes complete with a one year warranty!

Meto 2026 RedStar Full Alphabet Tool

2026 Meto Redstar Pricemarker/Date Coder - Affordable 10 Numeric Band Price Gun

2026 Meto Redstar Pricemarker/Datecoder is a reliable two-line tool that allows for efficient labelling with 10 numeric bands on both the top and bottom rows. A variety of information can be printed, including dates and prices on Meto labels that measure 26x16mm. Parts replacements are also available, allowing you to maintain optimal performance without having to buy a new gun when individual components break or wear out, all backed by an incredible one year warranty!

Meto 2026 Redstar Pricemarker

2026A Meto Full Alphabet Price Gun & Date Gun - Price Gun For Rapid Labels

2026A Meto Full Alphabet Price Gun & Date Gun is a two-line tool that features 10 alphabet bands (A-Z) on the top row and 10 numeric bands on the bottom. The lower row can be customised with both pricing or date information using 26x16mm Meto labels, making this system ideal for businesses that need rapid label application across different categories of products. In addition to its user friendliness, customers also benefit from replaceable parts in case something breaks or requires replacing over time and a generous two year warranty!

Meto 2026A Full Alphabet Tool

3329 Meto Advanced Hand Labelling Tool Best 3 line Price Gun

Get even more out of your labelling with the four-in-one tool! 3329 Meto Advanced Hand Labelling Tool is a versatile device that boasts three lines for printing, each encompassing 11 bands. With Meto labels you can mark prices and dates, batch numbers or code any product – all in just 29x28mm worth of space. Plus, rest easy knowing that if a part wears out or breaks down it's replaceable AND comes with a two year warranty guarantee!

Meto 3329 Advanced Hand Labelling Tool

626 Meto Pricemarker (giant print) - Six Bands Price Gun With Replaceable parts

With six large-print bands (5 mm in height) and replaceable parts, the 626 Meto Pricemarker (giant print) is a reliable marking tool that will make your life easier. As the print is quite large, this tool is great for people with poor eyesight. It prints on 26x16mm labels with precision accuracy, and comes with a two year warranty for lasting use.

Meto 626 Pricemarker (giant print)

722 Meto Pricemarker - Affordable Seven Print Bands Price Gun

722 Meto Pricemarker is equipped with 7 print bands that use 22x12mm Meto labels with curved edges. It's perfect for businesses looking to save time on labelling tasks! Plus, we've got you covered - all parts of the gun are replaceable in case something breaks or wears out over time, and it even comes backed by a two year warranty.

Meto 722 Pricemarker

732 Meto Pricemarker - Best One line Label Price Gun That Uses Meto Labels

The Meto 732 Pricemarker is the perfect one-line label tool to get your job done right. It's equipped with 7 bands for versatile use and comes with 32x19mm Meto labels, so you have everything you need in a single package. Plus, all parts are replaceable should anything break or wear out over time and of course it is backed by the full protection of its two year warranty!

Meto 732 Pricemarker

Meto 2026 Price Gun / Date Gun - Ten Bands Price Gun That Uses Meto Labels

The Meto 2026 Price Gun / Date Gun is a two-line tool and it is the perfect all-in-one solution for your labelling needs. It offers 10 numeric bands on each of its lines, allowing you to print both price and date on 26x16mm Meto labels. This versatile machine can last a long time as it includes replaceable parts so you don't have to buy an entirely new gun if anything wears out or breaks over time also comes with a full two year warranty included!

Meto 2026 Price Gun / Date Gun

Meto Full Alphabet Tool 1522A- Best Multi Purpose Price Gun That Uses Meto Labels

Meto Full Alphabet Tool 1522A is a powerful device for tagging and pricing products with 8 alphabet bands (A-Z) on the top row, 7 numeric bands across the bottom. Applied using 22x16mm Meto labels and built to last; all parts are replaceable so no need to buy a new gun if something breaks - instead find Meto replacement parts when they eventually wear out. All this peace of mind comes backed by an impressive two year warranty!

Meto 1522A Full Alphabet Tool

Meto Tool 1829 - Two Line Price Gun With Replacement Parts

For superior pricing and coding, the Meto Tool 1829 is your perfect companion. Equipped with 11 small 4.3mm numeric bands on top line as well as seven large 8 mm ones at the bottom - this two-line gun will help optimise performance in no time! And when you're done crunching numbers, easily replace any worn parts or broken components without having to purchase a new device. All Meto parts are available for replacement. Finally; put your mind at ease knowing that all purchases include a generous two year warranty from manufacturer's defects and more! If you are buying your labels from us, we will not charge any Labour charges to replace these parts for you. 

Meto 1829 Tool

Meto Tool 1932 - Best Two Line Price Gun With Replacement Parts

For those looking for a reliable, cost-effective labelling solution, the Meto Tool 1932 is an excellent choice. This tool features two lines with 12 smaller 3mm bands on one line and 7 larger 5mm ones on the other – perfect for 32x19 mm Labels! And if something ever gets worn out or broken due to wear & tear during everyday use? No need to worry as all of its parts are replaceable making it assuredly long lasting - even backed by a 2 year warranty.

Meto 1932 Tool

Meto Tool 2132 - Affordable 21 Banded Price Gun With Two Year Warranty

The Meto Tool 2132 two-line coding gun is an incredibly helpful tool, providing a total of 21 bands to code products and cost prices. 12 printed on the top row at 3mm high, while 9 remain below with three printing in 3.5 mm size and the 6 others have 5.5mm high print - all packed into 32x19mm labels that are easy to read. But don't worry if anything breaks because each part can be replaced individually or under their generous two year warranty!

Meto 2132 Tool

Meto Tool Advanced 1026 - Best All In One Price Gun With Replacement Parts

The Meto Tool Advanced 1026 is a powerful asset for any business. This single-line tool allows you to mark prices, batch numbers and code products with 26x12mm Meto labels - On the first band of the gun there are letters A through L all the way up to intricate symbols like dollar signs. What's more? You can even tag two different prices per label! With easy accessibility to replaceable parts and a strong warranty backing, this innovative gun provides reliable convenience that stands the test of time.

Meto 1026 Advanced Tool

Open C20 Gun for 26x16mm Rectangular labels - Amazing Value 2-line Price & Date Gun

Open C20 Gun for 26x16mm Rectangular labels can print dates, prices and batch numbers with incredible precision! It features 10 bands on the top line (3mm) as well as 10 bands at the bottom line with 4.5 mm prints - these include symbols such a $, ¢, /, FOR, gr, Kg, %, EA and decimals too! The labels must be purchased separately yet are sure to maximise efficiency through their 26x16 rectangular shape.

Open C20 Gun

RED 1522 Full Alphabet Pricemarker - Cheapest Eight Alpha Band Price Gun

Get your labelling needs covered with the RED 1522 Full Alphabet Pricemarker, featuring 8 alpha bands (from A to Z) and 7 numeric bands on its top and bottom rows. Use it for coding products or writing words in no time - all powered by Meto's 22x16mm labels! Best of all, every single Meto part is replaceable so you won't have to purchase a new gun if something wears out; just enjoy peace of mind knowing that there's also a one year warranty included.

Meto RED 1522 Full Alphabet Pricemarker

RED 2026 Alpha Newsagency - Cheapest Four Alpha, Six Numeric Price Gun

Streamline your business productivity with the sophisticated RED 2026 Alpha Newsagency, designed specifically for newsagents. From its four alphabet and six numeric bands on the top line to its one alpha band paired with nine numerical figures at bottom - this tool will make quick work of labelling using 26x16mm Meto labels. Not only is it effective but durable too! With all parts replaceable should something break or wear out over time; rest assured there's a one year warranty included as well.

Meto RED 2026 Alpha Newsagency

RED 718 Pricemarker - Smallest Label  Seven band Price Gun With One Year Warranty

Enjoy maximum convenience and reliability with RED 718 Pricemarker. Featuring seven bands including $ signs, numbers, and dots to help streamline your work, this 18x11mm Meto label dispenser is equipped with replaceable parts so you don't have to worry about replacements or repairs. Plus when you purchase it comes complete with a one year warranty for long lasting peace of mind.

Meto RED 718 Pricemarker

Final Thoughts

When it comes to finding the perfect price gun, there are many options you can choose from. We have provided information on some of the most popular ones available on our website. Whether you need a manual or automatic labeler, single or multiple lines of printing, and the number of characters per line, you’re sure to find the one that best suits your needs.  If you have any questions regarding these options, please don’t hesitate to contact us and our friendly staff will be here to help guide you through it.