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What's The Difference Between A Price Gun And A Tagging Gun?

Do you know the difference between a price gun and a tagging gun? If not, don't worry! In this blog post, we will discuss the differences between these two types of guns and explain which one is better for your business.

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What Is A Price Gun?

A price gun is a device used for pricing merchandise in retail stores. It prints out pre-designated prices onto labels that are affixed to products with self adhesive. This type of labelling is an efficient way to price a product. Price guns can print multiple lines of text onto one label, making them ideal for displaying any combination of product information, such as price, date, batch code, SKU, etc. The labels that are used within the gun can have a permanent or non permanent adhesive.

Types Of Price Guns

Price guns come in a variety of different types, depending on their intended use. Some of the most common types include:

Alphabet Guns

Alphabet guns are ideal for labelling products that require only a few letters or numbers. These guns print out single alpha-numeric characters and are most often used in retail stores to mark prices or dates on items.

Sequential Guns

Sequential guns are more advanced than alphabet guns in that they can print out a series of numbers in sequence. They’re commonly used to uniquely identify items and keep track of inventory and pricing in retail stores. Sequential guns also allow for a wider range of customisation, such as the ability to add unique prefixes and suffixes to product codes.

Date Guns

Date guns (also known as date coders) are used to quickly and accurately print out dates on products. These are mainly used by retailers, supermarkets, medical clinics, and fruit and vegetable growers that require ‘best before’ or ‘use by’ date on their products. These guns most often will use labels with best before or use by pre-printed onto them, so that different dates can be printed with ease.


Benefits of Using A Price Gun

Price guns have many advantages for retailers, including their cost effectiveness, time efficiency and accuracy. They can quickly price products without needing to apply each item’s sticker or tag individually by hand. This allows stores to quickly respond to market changes in pricing, and make their pricing more competitive. Additionally, price guns are compact and easy to use, reducing the time spent on updating prices and allowing staff members to focus on other tasks.


What Is A Tagging Gun?

A tagging gun is a handheld device that allows the retailer to attach a price tag to clothing or garments. It releases a thin nylon tie that holds a cardboard tag in place on the garment. The pricing gun can then be used to apply a label to the tag. The tagging gun itself is light weight and looks like a small pistol-like tool with a trigger lever.

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Types of Tagging Guns?

There are two main types of tagging guns: handheld and automated. Handheld tagging guns are the most common and are a low cost item and can be operated manually or with a foot pedal. Automated tagging guns, on the other hand, use a conveyor system to move the material being labelled in order for tags to be inserted at high speed. These systems are often used in large-scale operations where thousands of items need to be tagged quickly and efficiently.


Benefits of Using A Tagging Gun?

Tagging guns have several advantages over traditional labelling methods including increased accuracy, reduced labour costs, and faster application times. Additionally, using a tagging gun allows you to attach tags securely without damaging the fabric or item. 

This makes it an ideal labelling solution for delicate materials such as fabrics, silk, leathers, and even electronics. Furthermore, tagging guns are incredibly easy to use and require minimal maintenance. Using a tagging gun can save you time and money in the long run since it requires less labour while providing accurate results quickly.

The Main Difference Between A Price Gun And A Tagging Gun

Price Guns are the modern-day solution for labelling and pricing items in a variety of stores, eliminating the need to manually write down dates on stickers. From food to books, these guns enable merchants everywhere to easily and quickly apply price tags to their products.

While a tagging gun can be used to attach tags and labels to clothing, fabric, and other soft materials, eliminating the use of needles and thread. These guns are perfect for retail stores or online clothing stores, as swing tags can easily be applied to the products.


What To Keep In Mind When Buying A Pricing Tool 

When it comes to purchasing either a price gun or tagging gun, there are several key points to consider. One of the most important factors is the type of tags you will use with your machine; both price guns and tagging guns can come in multiple models that can accommodate different tag sizes and shapes. 

Additionally, budget should be taken into account when selecting a model – commercial grade machines tend to last longer and are more reliable than cheaper alternatives. One such popular brand of pricing guns is Meto. 

Lastly, always remember to follow all manufacturer instructions when using a tagging gun. Improperly used tagging guns can lead to serious injury, so always take the time to understand and follow all safety guidelines when operating such tools.


Price guns and tagging guns are two essential tools for businesses in a variety of industries. Each tool has its own unique advantages, making it important to assess the intended application before settling on one or the other. Price guns require minimal maintenance and offer adjustable settings, while tagging guns offer faster operation and more accurate placement of tags. No matter which type of gun is chosen, businesses can rest assured that either will help streamline the pricing and tagging processes.