Meto Easy Peel, Removable Labels

The Advantages of Easy Peel, Removable Labels

Labels are crucial in different industries, from pricing to product management and date coding. The evolution of removable label technology has encouraged convenience and made labelling more efficient and effective. With easy peel removable labels, the era of troublesome and difficult-to-remove adhesive labels is over. This post explores the advantages of using these labels, the different categories of removable labels, and the industries that use them.

Convenience and Ease of Use

One of the most significant advantages of easy-peel, removable labels is their convenience and ease of use. These labels are user-friendly and straightforward, making them ideal for labelling projects. The easy application and removal process lets you label items quickly and efficiently. 

Easy application and removal process

The most prominent benefit of using these labels is that they save time. There's no more fiddling with adhesive labels, trying to peel them off without tearing or leaving residue behind. Easy peel, removable labels can be applied and removed quickly, saving time on labelling tasks.

Time-Saving Benefits for Labelling Tasks

Using easy-peel, removable labels can save you a lot of time, especially if you have a lot of labelling tasks to complete. The quick and hassle-free labelling process gives you more time to focus on other important tasks. 

User-Friendly Features for Quick and Hassle-Free Labelling

User-friendly features are the hallmark of easy-peel, removable labels. These labels are appropriately sized, meaning you don’t have to squint to find what you want. The labels come in different shapes, sizes, and colours, making finding the right label for your project easy. You can even customise the labels with your unique design or logo. 

Damage-Free Removal

Easy peel, removable labels are designed to be removed without leaving residue. This feature is especially useful for labels that must be taken off and reapplied quickly, such as on packages or shipping boxes. The adhesive on these labels is weaker, so you can easily remove the label without damaging the surface underneath. You don't have to worry about cleaning up sticky adhesive residue after removing the label.  If you have a gift shop, this is especially important, as your customer will most likely want to remove the price label.

No residue or adhesive marks left behind

One of the most significant advantages of using easy peel, removable labels is that you don't have to worry about residue or adhesive marks left behind. The adhesive on these labels isn't too strong, so it won't leave behind any sticky residue when you remove the label. Additionally, the labels are designed to be easy to read without making a mess or leaving behind smudges.

Versatility in Repositioning Labels without Compromising Quality

Easy peel, removable labels offer versatility in repositioning the label without compromising its quality. The adhesive on these labels are weak, so you can easily remove and reapply the label without losing its stickiness. This comes in handy if you need to adjust or rearrange your labels quickly or want to remove a no longer needed label.

Types of Removable Labels

There are two main categories of removable labels: tamper-proof and non-tamper-proof. Both have their unique benefits and uses.

Tamper Proof Labels

Tamper-proof labels are designed to be difficult to remove or tamper with without leaving behind a trace of evidence. These labels are perfect for items that need extra security, such as pharmaceuticals, food products, giftware and hazardous materials. Tamper-proof labels also come in handy for any items that require to be tracked or traced, such as medical equipment or supplies.

Non-Tamper Proof Labels

Non-tamper-proof labels are designed to be easier to remove and reposition without leaving behind a trace of evidence. These labels are ideal for labelling items that don't require extra security or tracking, such as products sold in stores or online. Non-tamper proof labels also come in handy for labelling items that need to be reorganised, such as books and documents.

Industries that use Removable Labels

Removable labels can be used in a variety of industries. Here are some of the most common ones:

Retail industry: Local grocers and convenience stores often use removable labels to price and promote products. The ability to quickly change prices or promotions without damaging the packaging makes these labels ideal for this sector.

Food and beverage industry: Restaurants, cafes, and bakeries use removable labels to keep track of ingredients, indicate allergens or promote specials. The adhesive ensures that the labels remain readable even when exposed to moisture.

Pricing and promotions: Events, flea markets, and temporary sales often rely on removable labels for their labelling needs. These labels are easy to apply and remove quickly, making them perfect for pricing and promotion changes during busy events.

Use Cases in Different Industries

Easy peel, removable labels offer a variety of benefits for different industries. Some of the industries that use these labels include:


In the retail industry, easy peel, removable labels are used to price products, manage sales and clearance items. The labels can be easily applied and removed from various surfaces, such as plastic containers or cardboard boxes. If the boxes of your products have a glossy finish, with Removable labels, when you remove them, you won’t remove the glossy finish.The ability to quickly change prices or promotions without damaging the packaging makes these labels ideal for this sector.

Food industry

In the food industry, date coding perishable items is an important task requiring reliable, tamper-proof labels. Easy peel, removable labels are perfect as the adhesive is strong enough to keep the label in place but allows easy removal without leaving any residue behind.

Events and promotions

Temporary pricing and discounted items are common during events and promotions. Quickly applying and removing labels with ease is essential in these types of situations. Easy peel, removable labels provide the perfect solution as they can be easily used on various surfaces such as glass, paper, cardboard or plastic and removed without leaving a trace.


In summary, easy-peel removable labels have revolutionised the labelling industry. Their convenience, damage-free removal, and versatile options have made them the perfect labels for multiple industries. Whether pricing products, managing sales, date coding perishable items, or labelling in events, these labels are practical, efficient, and user-friendly. We encourage everyone to explore suitable removable label options for their industries and labelling needs.