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5 Reasons You Need a Pricing Gun

Pricing guns are a cost-effective way to ensure your customers can spot the prices and names of your products. Check these 5 reasons you need a pricing gun.

In the retail business, there are a few key components that business owners need to pay close attention to; these components all fall under the “aesthetics” umbrella. The first of these components is presentation. Customers will want to buy more if your wares are well displayed.

The second thing is ordering; making sure your goods are properly ordered by category or color makes the difference. A well-displayed array of products arranged in proper order stands a higher chance of attracting customers to your business.

Handwritten labels can be a chore and incredibly tedious if you have to do it for multiple products each day or week. This is where the pricing gun comes in to save the day. This article will define a pricing gun and why your business will be better off if you got one.


What Is a Pricing Gun? 

A pricing gun, also known as a “labeler” or “label gun", is a hand-held device loaded with strips or rolls of adhesive paper to fix onto products. It is used in stores or supermarkets to label products on display with names and prices for easy identification.

It is convenient, making it much easier for sellers and buyers to communicate without ever meeting or saying anything to each other. By that, we mean there will be no room for clashes at the counter over prices.

Aside from this convenience and ease, the pricing gun boasts other equally notable benefits for you and your business. Let us look at the five top reasons you and your business need a pricing gun.


1. Accuracy

Unlike the traditional handwritten labels, which are often prone to illegible personal handwriting, the pricing gun does a much better job.

It is accurate, not only in its description but also in its deployment. This means the right product gets the correct label, always. You do not have to strain your eyes to see, nor do you have to call for help to identify what product is worth what price.

Since they’re easily readable, there is less risk of any mix-ups; you can always double-check before you commit the label to leave the price gun. This accuracy of pricing and identification does a world of good for your business because it establishes an “ease of doing business” mentality in the minds of customers. 


2. Works For All Surfaces

Traditional labelling practice would be either done with markers or paint. This method is often minimal because only several surfaces would react well to them. 

The surfaces of certain products, shelves and packaging can be made of material resistant to traditional labelling. But these limitations do not affect the pricing gun; there are no surfaces it cannot work on, whether frozen food packs, plastic, wood or glass.

Certain surfaces would be impossible to write on with markers, pens or paint. In worst cases, the text would fade and not be registered onto the characters. With this, your business faces ambiguity risk, which forces your sales to drop. People want to know what they’re paying for; a pricing gun ensures they do.


3. Saving Time

The one key thing a pricing gun will do for your business is shave hours you would typically spend labelling. The traditional methods like applying labels by had are often very time-consuming.

With the efficiency and swiftness that comes with utilizing the price gun, you can label items quicker, and this frees up so much time and workforce. It also ensures your staff can focus on other vital things like tending to customers’ needs and keeping the business running.

Work and time efficiency will always be an essential improvement for any business. If you struggle with getting the best out of your staff and business, a pricing gun will contribute significantly to shaving off time and freeing your team up to accomplish more in the work day.

4. Better Information Display

There is one standout feature of pricing guns that you must consider, especially if you want to improve your business. This feature is a function that allows it to print multiple lines of information.

So, let’s imagine that you wish to introduce price slashes, discounts or even increments in old prices; it's easy. Traditional labelling methods would struggle with this particular thing because there would be a need to erase already written info or add a new coat of paint.

With the pricing gun, you can just avoid the mess since you are afforded the luxury of making provisions for any adjustments.

5. Healthier Customer Service Experience

Pricing guns affords you as a business owner the opportunity to add your business logo, and phone number thanks to its ability to print multiple lines of information or even have your logo printed with a custom label. When you do this, customers leave there with what is technically a complimentary card with contact information.

Essentially, this leaves the customers with a subtle reminder about your place of business, informing them to come back next time. And just like that, you slowly build customer loyalty.



There are so many benefits from using this one little machine, and as a smart business owner, you must afford yourself every one of them.

You simply cannot be left out in the race, especially with how advantageous it is for your business and customers. At Gleeson Agencies, we can equip you with the right pricing gun to help improve your business tremendously.

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