Pricing Gun Labels

Label Size Matters: What Size Labels Work With Your Price Gun?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to pricing labels for your price gun. To help you select the right labels, we've put together a guide to help you find the best-suited label size and gun combination for your needs.

How Many Sizes Are Available?

There are the following sizes available for price guns:

  • 18x11mm Pricing Labels
  • 21x12mm Pricing Labels
  • 22x12mm Pricing Labels
  • 22x16mm Pricing Labels
  • 26x12mm Pricing Labels
  • 26x16mm Pricing Labels
  • 29x28mm Pricing Labels
  • 32x19mm Pricing Labels


18x11mm Pricing Labels

Take your branding to the next level with 18x11mm pricing labels which can be customised to feature your company logo or chosen design. Leave a lasting impression on your customers with these personalised labels that reflect your brand's identity and stand out on your products. Our team can print to any desired specification to ensure your labels meet your needs. 18x11mm pricing labels can be used with any Meto 718 tool making them convenient and versatile. Our line of 18x11mm pricing labels boasts a variety of adhesive options to suit your specific needs. Choose from permanent adhesive, tamper-proof removable adhesive, or non-tamper-proof freezer-grade adhesive labels. Additionally, You also have the freedom to select the label colour that suits you best, with options including red, green, and yellow.


21x12mm Pricing Labels

Upgrade your labeling game with our versatile 21x12mm labels, compatible with popular brands like Primark JSL, Jolly, Sato Kendo, Sky, Blitz PH8, Motex 5500, Samark, and Royal. Our rolls contain 1000 labels, and we also offer personalised printing services to feature your company logo or custom design. Choose from various adhesive types, including Permanent, Tamper Proof, Removable, Non-Tamper Proof Labels, and our Freezer Grade Adhesive. With vibrant colours like yellow, green, white, and orange, your labeling needs will be functional and stylish.


22x12mm Pricing Labels

Experience versatile labeling with our 22x12mm Meto labels - perfect for any Meto 722 tool. Each roll boasts 1500 high-quality labels that deliver excellent value for your business. Customise your labels with your company logo or any design you prefer for a more personalised touch. Choose between Permanent Adhesive or Tamper Proof Labels for long-term use or Removable Adhesive and Non-Tamper Proof Labels for temporary needs. With various colour options, including yellow, red, and white, achieving your desired labeling scheme has never been easier.


22x16mm Pricing Labels

Looking for versatile and customisable price gun labels? Look no further. Our 22x16mm labels are compatible with any Meto 1522 tool and come in rolls of 1000. But that's only part of it - our labels, including your company logo, can be printed to your specifications. Choose from a range of adhesive types - Permanent for added security, Removable for flexibility - and even opt for Tamper-Proof for extra protection. Our Weather-Proof labels are built to last and come in classic colours like white, red, green, and yellow. Get the perfect label for your business today.


26x12mm Pricing Labels

Discover our versatile 26x12mm Meto labels that are compatible with any Meto 1026 tool. Each roll contains 1500 labels with options to customise them with your company logo or anything of your choice. Choose between a Permanent Adhesive/Tamper Proof Label or a Removable Adhesive/Non-Tamper Proof Label. Our labels are available in pristine white or vibrant yellow colour. Streamline your organisation's labeling with ease using our Meto labels.


26x16mm Pricing Labels

Make labeling easy with our versatile 26x16mm Meto labels compatible with both 626 and 2026 Meto tools. Each roll contains 1000 labels for maximum convenience. Take advantage of our custom printing service to personalise your labels with your company logo or preferred design. Choose from Permanent Adhesive, Tamper-Proof Label, Removable Adhesive, Non-Tamper-Proof Label, or Weather-Proof options to suit your needs. Available in white, yellow, red, and green - get your labeling done quickly and efficiently with our high-quality Meto labels.


29x28mm Pricing Labels

Enhance your product labeling with these versatile 29x28mm Meto labels. Compatible with Meto 1829 or 3329 tools, these labels come in rolls of 700. Take your branding to the next level with custom-printed labels featuring your company logo or preferred design. Choose from Permanent Adhesive, Tamper Proof Label, Removable Adhesive, Non-Tamper Proof Label, or Weather Proof options. Colours include classic white, vibrant yellow, and bold red. Perfect for any business looking to improve their labeling system.


32x19mm Pricing Labels

Effortlessly label your products with precision using the versatile 32x19mm Meto labels compatible with any 1932, 2132, or 2332 Meto tool. With 1000 labels on a roll, you won't have to worry about running out fast. Customise your labels to fit your brand with our custom printing options. Choose from white or yellow labels, with adhesive options including permanent adhesive for tamper-proof labeling or removable adhesive for non-tamper-proof labeling. Simplify your labeling process with Meto labels.


What To Keep In Mind While Buying Labels

When shopping for labels, keeping a few key factors in mind is important. It is essential to consider the label size, as not all guns are compatible with every size of the label. Lastly, colour factor - white for classic looks or bolder colours like yellow and red for more eye-catching displays. With our variety of sizes, adhesive types, and colours, you can easily find the perfect label solution to suit your business' labeling needs!


Why Select Meto Labels?

Meto labels are reliable and affordable labeling solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our high-quality labels come in various sizes, adhesive types, and colours to fit any product packaging or branding needs. Plus, our custom printing services allow you to feature your company logo or preferred design on each label. You can quickly and easily label products with Meto labels while making a stylish statement with vibrant colours like white, yellow, green, red, and more. Streamline the process of pricing items with our versatile pricing labels today!